Smart Calendars 4U

Smart Calendars 4 U is a business which operates from a range of groovy cafe’s and a home office in Noosa, Queensland.  We are pleased to say that we are 100% Australian owned and all our calendars are printed in Brisbane, Australia.

The reason I decided to produce Family Organisers is because I have experienced firsthand how much easier it is to manage a family and work when I have this excellent time management tool to organise my business and family life. I first used this style of calendar in 2003 and would never go back to using a box style. With the traditional box style by the time you write a name and time next to each event in the box (e.g. Crystal Dentist 3p.m.) there is no room for anything else. With this style of calendar I could easily see what everyone was up to, and my children learnt great time management skills by being encouraged to write on and check their own columns each day.

These Family Organisers do not rely on technology which doesn’t always work when you want it to, and everyone can access each other’s schedules at a glance, as opposed to personal diaries or personal technology devices which are complimentary, but are not easily accessible by all parties.  (Unless of course it is our Smart Calendar App which is under construction at present).  This style of calendar saves a lot of double booking within families that have children doing different activities: sports & practices, music lessons, assignments, appointments (doctor, orthodontist, dentist, hairdresser, chiropractor) bills to be paid by certain dates, wages to be paid, cars to be maintained, birthdays to remember, social events, money and forms to be taken to school… the list goes on.  By looking at the calendar in the morning you can easily co-ordinate pick ups, drop offs, sports uniforms, money, forms, assignment reminders etc.

I used to have to pay up to $25 for this style of calendar, printed in China, with illustrations that didn’t reflect Australian and New Zealand seasons, holidays and way of life.  In 2007 I was not able to find one in newsagents or department stores anywhere.  Yet everyone who has ever seen this style of calendar hanging on the wall at my place had commented on how brilliant the format was and wanted to know where I got it.  So that’s why I decided to produce an Australian printed, owned and illustrated Family Organiser that reflected Australian and New Zealand school and family life, (showing AUS & NZ school and public holidays, and daylight saving dates as well as AUS moon cycle) at an affordable price.  I am in the process of introducing and educating Australian and New Zealand families to its style and benefit.  Everyone I know that has used this style of calendar says they never want to have to go back to using the old box style.  Please e-mail us if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions otherwise take a look at our family calendar range.

Happy Organising!
Amanda Belot


Founder/Director Amanda Belot