Handy Tip for STAPLED Calendar users. 

I’d like to share with you a handy tip to help your family organiser stay in good order and make it easy to navigate between months. 

The punched hole at the top of each month is a token gesture to give a temporary option for hanging the calendar.  We understand that this hole will not stand up well to daily use. We have looked into many ways of offering a stronger more durable hanging  point, but so far the options have always added too much to the retail price to warrant the upgrade.  Particularly when there is a fantastic cheaper and stronger alternative in the form of a stationery bulldog clip put at the top of the month over where the hole is punched.  This provides a strong and versatile hanging point that can go over any type of hook or nail, protecting and not compromising the integrity of the calendar.  It also allows for easy navigation between months.

Stationery bulldog clips are usually metal, available at most newsagents and come in a variety of sizes… small, medium and large, so you can choose one to meet the requirements of the calendar and any bills, notes etc you may want to clip under it as well.  They are also available with a magnetic back for those people who like to hang their calendars on their fridge.  Some of my customers by one for each top corner when hanging on the fridge door to help the calendar withstand the many openings and closings that take place daily.

Hope this tip helps make it easier for you to use your calendar and keep it looking in good order throughout the entire year.

2 replies on “Handy Tip for STAPLED Calendar users. 

  • elizawoodruffe

    I use 3 of the magnetised bulldog clips to hang my 2014 calendar on the side of my fridge. They are small ones that were available from the stationery aisle at Woolies. I’m not sure if they still stock them, but this works really well for my family!


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