How to use the Family Planner

As some of you know, once you start using a family planner you wonder how you ever went without it! On first look you may not think it is for you however as my regular customers may agree, you are surprised how many appointments you have going on in your family.

Firstly start with writing every member of your family in the top field, don’t forget your pets.

Then go through each person one at a time and the appointments they have. Soccer practice, after school care, swimming lessons, play dates, doctor appointments, dentist appointments and so on. Also think about the bills, you could have a specific column just for these. Its good to even add in when work appointments are on so that you don’t double them up with you family commitments. Listing them like this is overwhelming but when I put them on the family calendar I can breath again. See the example photo.

I also offer appointment stickers for special occasions or those regular commitments that you don’t want to rewrite over and over each month.

If you have any great tips on how you use your family planner please share them by commenting below.

Origami July Family Planner


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