Lunch box ideas for kids

School lunch boxes can be a dreaded and hated space for mums trying to provide something nutritional whilst not spending a fortune. So I thought I would provide a list of lunch box ideas that you can pick and choose from over the weeks. Feel free to let me know which ones you love.

It would be a great suggestion to find a lunch box that has a few compartments so that you can give your children a mixture of things without them all getting combined together. Some of the suggestion can be clicked on to see a recipe and as with all kids it depends on what they like and dislike. Hopefully this will at least get the creative lunch box juices flowing.

  • homemade oat bars
  • healthy pancakes
  • cookie cutter cucumber (use your cookie cutter to make a love hear or star)
  • cookie cutter sandwiches (use the cookie cutter before you make the sandwich on the bread and use scraps as breadcrumbs)
  • fruit salad, chop 2 or 3 different fruits and top with some greek yoghurt, honey and chopped nuts.
  • make your own trail mix with whatever you have
  • banana bread with honey rather than sugar
  • rice paper rolls filled with any combination of carrot sticks, plain egg omelette, avocado, chicken, celery sticks, cucumber sticks etc. 
  • avocado dip or hummus with vegetable sticks (e.g. carrot, celery, cucumber)
  • meat roll ups (use sandwich meat to roll the salad in)
  • banana mash roll ups (mash banana in a wrap and roll them into little bite sizes)
  • crackers and cheese (no need to buy the pre packaged)
  • healthy fried rice
  • Boiled eggs, peeled with a little sachet of salt 
  • Frozen berries, topped with greek yoghurt and toasted muesli in a plastic container with a spoon.

Some of these recipes can be made in bulk and frozen for the week if you do get busy. Feel free to add, cut and chop the recipe to what your children love.

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