Who are Smart Calendars?

Hi my name is Amanda, I am the director, marketer, accounts department, tea lady and toilet cleaner of Smart Calendars.  If you are new to Smart Calendar products or have been supporting us for a while, I would like to say thank you for taking some time to read this letter to you, which is to give you an idea of  who you are supporting when you buy our products and what Smart Calendars is about.

I appreciate so much the support of mums , dads and the grandparents  etc who have helped our small family run enterprise survive and grow thus far.  I am a mum of 5, our only son has a heavenly address and no longer shares our earthly home.  That leaves 4 daughters – eldest one 25 married,  next one 22, next one 20 and daughter number 4 is 7, yes you read right 7.  Our son would have been 9 had he continued his journey here, he was our surprise baby,  our 7 year old was – well we are all geared for a baby,  we only had our last baby for 7 days,  do we want to try again, and before we made a conclusive decision, she was on her wayJ.  So when my big girls were younger I needed help being organised with high school, primary school and my husbands tiling business to run, as well as maintain our home on a 50 acre property with orchards, veggie garden, chooks, goats, sheep, pigs, guinea pigs, geese or whatever animals our girls were wanting to have as pets at any given time.

My sister in law bought me a family organiser one year as a present and I loved it, how had I survived without one?  I was hooked but had trouble finding one in the following years , and if I did it was usually printed in China and had American family life and holidays depicted in the illustrations and cost around $25 to $30.  It didn’t have Australian school and public holidays on it and I thought, this concept is too good not to be known about and used by more Australian families.  I decided when I found myself back at home with our last baby, that I would endeavour to produce a 100% Australian made and owned calendar showing our holidays, moon cycles etc and reflecting our lifestyle and seasons that was affordable and of good quality.   It has certainly been an interesting journey and a big learning curve, hit a few walls, been knocked down a few times, but I am still here, getting the bills paid and due to customer demand, are expanding our product line this year. (see New Product Range Blog which tells about new products) Well until you venture to reading my next blog, wishing you peace, joy, love and of course good organising, or at least fun trying.

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