5 spring cleaning organisation tips that will make you wonder how you ever functioned before.


When you are spring-cleaning this year; dumping, washing and sorting, implement these five simple yet life-changing organisation tips in the process.

1. Hit the kitchen and rummage through the fridge and pantry. Assess the expiry dates and when you last time consumed the product. If you have rarely used the item then search for a recipe you can create and stick a post-it note with the name of the recipe on the ingredient. When you have considered all the ingredients you need and don’t need make a shopping list or pantry inventory. Then when you go shopping next you will be able to assess immediately what you don’t have compared with what you need. To help with this, purchase containers to label specifically for things such as cereal, flour and herbs. Reducing the bulky packaging taking up all the space.

2. Paperwork can be the worst when you are spring-cleaning. There is two ways to do this. Create separate files for receipts, warranties and the kids achievements to keep them organised or alternatively, take a photo of every receipt and warranty to upload to your computer. If you start an electronic database and name them correctly, searching for receipts will no longer be a problem.

3. The bathroom is always a great area to give a really good clean, especially when there is toothpaste everywhere. Use a simple kitchen utensil divider in the bathroom draw to arrange toothbrushes, toothpaste and soaps. This way the toothpaste will stay in one place and so will the mess.

4. When you approach the overcrowded wardrobe it is hard to be vigilant with clothing you have such a loyal attachment to. Sort through your wardrobe and take pride in the fact that you will not be throwing anything away today. Instead, make separate piles for pants, tops, dresses, skirts and jackets that you haven’t worn recently. Place these bags at the back of the wardrobe for the next 3 months. If you reach into the bag to wear a piece of clothing then it deserves its spot back on the coat hanger. However if after 3 months you haven’t opened the bag or used the clothing items in the bags, then without looking take the bags down to the local charity and say goodbye to them forever. Read our Wardrobe Organisation infographic for more tips.

5. Finally don’t get yourself bogged down now that you have organised your house, its contents and what feels like your life. Use a family planner, which allows you to place each family member in a column. These are great at keeping you organised and even assigning monthly chores to particular people. Even if you don’t have a large family use a column for bills, work, social events, birthdays or a cleaning schedule. Read more about how you can use the Family Planner in our How to use the Family Planner blog.

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