Tips when food shopping

Food shopping is a necessity in every household but what are some tips that will save you time and make sure you shop efficiently. I definitely know that shopping when you are busy or the thought of shopping with kids can get the blood pumping. So here are some handy tips that will help you organise your shopping trips. Although some may seem like common knowledge I know I sometimes still forget.

1. Make a list.
Simple and common sense but it really is key to the success of your shopping trip. When you have a list you know what you are getting and don’t have to deviate down all the aisle’s. So when you make a list, stick to it. Otherwise you will find yourself buying products you already have in the pantry.

2. Think about the week ahead.
Before making your list think about what you have coming up in the week or weeks ahead. If you are going out to dinner with your girlfriends then something easy and quick for the kids may just be the ideal meal. Different occasions and events coming up can really change your shopping list from week to week. Look ahead on your Smart Calendar and see what the kids have on, you can then surprise them with something nice for their excursion lunch.

3. Start a pantry list.
A great organisation tip for at home that also comes in handy when you are food shopping is a pantry list. A pantry list is a detailed list of all the products you like to have in the pantry at all times. You can even break it down into shelves to keep the house organised. This way when you are working out what to buy for the week you are aware of what you are missing in the pantry.

4. Per 100g price.
When you are in the grocery store, compare prices by looking at the per 100g price on the tickets. This will explain how much 100g of the product is. You can then compare savings of a 1kg of honey versus 500g of honey.

Happy food shopping. Just my final comment, don’t go shopping hungry. I know I find myself with all different ingredients if I tackle the food shopping hungry.

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