Wardrobe Organisation

I know how hard it is to organise your daily life let alone your wardrobe but here is a helpful infographic from Apartment Geeks that I think is great. An article has been written on just how long it takes women to decide on an outfit.

The article found that on average women spend 278 days going through their wardrobe to find something to wear. The study was based on ages 16 to 60, so we can’t just say its all the daughters out there. Supposably it takes 20 minutes for women to decide what to wear before going out on the weekend, 20 minutes to choose when going out during the week, 52 minutes to pack our cases and even 10 minutes a morning when on holiday. You can read the article here.

The infographic below provides a simple method to reduce your closet clutter and hopefully then we wont have to take so long picking from it. Plan it in your calendars to organise your wardrobe in the upcoming weeks ahead.

Wardrobe organisation infographic

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